Thomas N. Perkins IV Presents: "IF..."

Thomas N. Perkins IV Presents: "IF..."
Hey Folks! I am proud to announce that my new art book “IF…” is now available at!shop/zhczs ! via “From the mind of Emmy® Award winning artist Thomas N. Perkins IV comes an all new collection of aliens, mythological beasts and bootleg super heroes in "IF…”. This hardcover book has 94 jam-packed pages of eye bending illustrations leaping from every page with a foreword by The Book of Life director Jorge R. Gutierrez.“ Cheers!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Strange Adventure Stories #72: Kid Kthulu Vs The Host...

Hey Kids, It's Comics time again. Thrill once again to the high adventures of The Great Old Ones! It's Kid Kthulu versus The Host!!!

Kid Kthulu and Related Characters ©2010 Thomas N. Perkins IV All Rights Reserved


RAWLS said...

SO very very cool!

John Zeleznik said...

totally sweet stuff Tom! Hope to hell you're working on the insides for some of these covers!

james_william_walsh said...

great work man! another masterpiece

potato farm girl said...

Gwa ha ha! Angelic Eel tendrils are no match for blogger chain mail!

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