Thomas N. Perkins IV Presents: "IF..."

Thomas N. Perkins IV Presents: "IF..."
Hey Folks! I am proud to announce that my new art book “IF…” is now available at!shop/zhczs ! via “From the mind of Emmy® Award winning artist Thomas N. Perkins IV comes an all new collection of aliens, mythological beasts and bootleg super heroes in "IF…”. This hardcover book has 94 jam-packed pages of eye bending illustrations leaping from every page with a foreword by The Book of Life director Jorge R. Gutierrez.“ Cheers!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

White Chapel Remake: Captain America...

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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My Labors have come to fruition! The release of "Thomas Perkins: A Collection of Odd Folk"....

At last! My Iphone / Ipad artbook app is OUT! HUZZAH!! For any curious to get a gander at it, it is called "Thomas Perkins: A Collection of Odd Folk" up at the Itunes Store. Here is one of the reasons I have not been posting as much of late. I have been a busy lad working on this.

Here be the blurb for it up omn the Itunes:
"A digital artbook filled with the odd denizens skating across the cerebellum of Thomas N. Perkins IV, a character designer for animation whose credits include Big Guy and Rusty the Boy Robot, The Batman, Ben 10, and TMNT to name a few. This book includes never-before-seen samples of the strange places and people that the flash across the mind's eye of the artist. Please take a moment to enjoy this collection of odd folk!"

And now you know why I was curious as to the Iphone / Ipad usage among the DA denizens. Have a good day folks.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Silly scribble...mrvlcats 2: The Mimicat

Hey Brianne I see your Vision and raise you a Cyclops.....and a Mimic....silly lunchtime scribblin'....

Silly lunch scribble...#mrvlcats meme....

Hey Brianne I see your Vision and raise you a Cyclops.....