Thomas N. Perkins IV Presents: "IF..."

Thomas N. Perkins IV Presents: "IF..."
Hey Folks! I am proud to announce that my new art book “IF…” is now available at!shop/zhczs ! via “From the mind of Emmy® Award winning artist Thomas N. Perkins IV comes an all new collection of aliens, mythological beasts and bootleg super heroes in "IF…”. This hardcover book has 94 jam-packed pages of eye bending illustrations leaping from every page with a foreword by The Book of Life director Jorge R. Gutierrez.“ Cheers!

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Tales of the Bootleg Brigade....

The Bootleg Brigade…

Thrilling Adventures at the Grocery…

Suspenseful Tales of Squabbling...

Dynamic Exploits of the Post...

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

A Pin-up for UNDERTOW!!!

Hey folks,

Here is a pin up that I did for the upcoming Undertow trade paperback for my friend Artyom Trakhanov!


Undertow Volume 1 : Boatman’s Call TPB
Writer: Steve Orlando
Artist: Artyom Trakhanov (and many others!)
Image, paperback, 192 pages, published 17 September, 2014

DIAMOND ORDER CODE (order the book now!) -

US Amazon link -

UK Amazon link -

Evil lurks ahead.....

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SiDEBAR Podcast - Podcast Episode 226 :: THOMAS N. PERKINS IV


Hey Folks!

I had the great pleasure to chat with the fantastic and knowledgeable fellows Swain, Dwight and Adrian over at The SiDEBAR Podcast! It was great fun! I always enjoy their audio exploits in the realms of Comics, Art and Pop Culture, and now I am stoked to have had the opportunity to take part myself.

If you, Dear Reader, dig Comics, Animation and the like, I can’t urge you strongly enough to go and give them a listen!

AVERAGE GEEK SHOW - Episode 11: Holy F@$*! It's Thomas Perkins!

Hey Folks!

I had the great pleasure to chat with the fellows at The Average Geek Show whilst visiting the San Diego Comic Con this year. I hope you enjoy!


Earth 2 - Robin all grow'd up....

Random Lunch Scribble…. Earth 2 Robin…

Early Morning Sketchamathingie...

Early Morning Sketchiness… Getting the brain to wake up and start the day.
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Earth 2 - Alan Scott The Green Lantern!

A little old school GL stuffs…

Dragon Knight scribbling....

Bedtime scribbling after a long day…

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My entries for the Second Annual Coaster Show!!!

My entries for the Second Annual Coaster Show:

Howdy Folks!

These original beer coasters will be available the 2nd Annual Coaster Show starting Sept. 5th-28th at the La Luz De Jesus Gallery in Hollywood. If you get a chance and wish to see the cavalcade of art on display, stop by and check them out.

For more info: