Thomas N. Perkins IV Presents: "IF..."

Thomas N. Perkins IV Presents: "IF..."
Hey Folks! I am proud to announce that my new art book “IF…” is now available at!shop/zhczs ! via “From the mind of Emmy® Award winning artist Thomas N. Perkins IV comes an all new collection of aliens, mythological beasts and bootleg super heroes in "IF…”. This hardcover book has 94 jam-packed pages of eye bending illustrations leaping from every page with a foreword by The Book of Life director Jorge R. Gutierrez.“ Cheers!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Anaheim Comic Con this weekend!

Hey Folks! This weekend Saturday April 30th and Sunday May 1st, I'll be at the Anaheim Comic Con sharing a table with the amazingly talented Brianne Drouhard. If You like Aliens, Unicorns or other Odd Folk, come by and say hello. We just might have something you are looking for.
Our table is against the wall at #1900.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Unfortunate Amalgams #1

Unfortunate Amalgams # 1...
...Blood and souls for Charles Xavier......
Look out kids! It's the Amalgam Nobody asked for... Wolverine / Elric! the Hulk never stood a chance...

A dorky homage to The Wolverine and The White Wolf... Sometimes silliness happens...


A Tattooed fellow for the Bristolwhip..

Hey folks,
Here is a tattooed fellow for the Bristolwhip blog this week. There is a calvacade of fun images by talented folks over there. If you have a moment, go check them out at .

Monday, April 18, 2011

Seabot Battles!

Seabot Battles...

Here we see my Monkeys Battling the Seabots during their lunch break...
For more lunchtime adventures of my 3 monkeys, GO check!

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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Tokusatsu Homage Hero.....

A little late night scribble.... Just because I loves me some tokusatsu silliness most of the time....

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