Thomas N. Perkins IV Presents: "IF..."

Thomas N. Perkins IV Presents: "IF..."
Hey Folks! I am proud to announce that my new art book “IF…” is now available at!shop/zhczs ! via “From the mind of Emmy® Award winning artist Thomas N. Perkins IV comes an all new collection of aliens, mythological beasts and bootleg super heroes in "IF…”. This hardcover book has 94 jam-packed pages of eye bending illustrations leaping from every page with a foreword by The Book of Life director Jorge R. Gutierrez.“ Cheers!

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Path of Development: TMNT...5

Here are another three of the numerous passes I took designing the 13th Monster for the CGI film TMNT in 2007.


Las salidas said...

if u can please leave me a comment
my blog is in spanish but if u can...


las salidas

Auksine Liepa said...

I wonder what feelings children experience, while whatching cartoons with these creatures...

Thomas Perkins said...

Hey Auksine,

That is a very interesting question. As a parent my self, I often contemplate these things as I am working. I also keep in mind my own interests from my very earliest childhood memories. I am certain it varies wildly from child to child to be sure. As these were part of development for a feature film, I suspect that the children viewing the final content by and large were old enough not to be to terribly horrified. But then again some of that would be up to parental discretion as well. Truth be told. There are a number of the projects that I have worked on that I shall wait to let my kids watch until they are old enough to properly undestand the context of the characters and their actions.


Thomas Perkins said...

Mr. Perkins,

Holy cow sir your work is PHENOMENAL,
i love the energy in your drawing style. I'm so glad i found your blog, do you happen to have any collection of drawings for sale?

Again great work I'll keep checking in for sure.

PS: The above question is a good one, i think as a kid i remember being simultaneously scared and fascinated by monsters,creatures etc. Overall i believe that it can be a positive influence as long as a proper context is provided and better yet if you explain that these monsters were designed and created by talented folks who make a living at it.


~ tOkKa said...

-->> ..well this ' kid ' fell in love with MAX's creatures in the film .. so there.